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The Cause of Extreme Inflation

In these challenging times, we’re grappling with inflation rates that have escalated to a staggering 9.1%—the highest in my lifetime. This alarming rise in the cost of living impacts us all, from soaring grocery bills to unprecedented gas prices, straining the budgets of American families like never before. This dire situation has its roots in the Biden administration’s aggressive stance against fossil fuels, which has significantly contributed to the inflated prices of gas and oil. The evidence is clear, and the consequences are felt by each of us daily. But there’s a beacon of hope based on proven success. Just a few short years ago, under President Trump’s leadership, we witnessed a different reality. The Trump energy policies championed energy independence and economic growth, leading to lower inflation rates and more manageable living costs for Americans across the board.cIt’s time we embrace a clear and effective solution: a return to the Trump energy policies. These policies are not just about energy; they’re about stabilizing our economy, securing our nation’s future, and providing relief to American families struggling under the weight of unnecessary financial burdens.

I’m Bob McDermott, and I stand firm in my support for revisiting and reinstating the energy strategies that once made our country thrive. Together, we can overcome this economic hardship and pave the way for a prosperous future. Let’s take action and restore the proven, practical policies of President Trump’s administration.

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